Sunday, September 23, 2007

Awesome Job Sunday Night

Thank you- Dang, ladies, that 'Do ya wanna get down?' chant was SPECTACULAR! You couldn't make me more proud.
Seriously, I love this squad SO much!

FYI- Coach Pete was Okay fine with y'all riding on the Fire Engine in the parade- thought I should tell you that.

This week's agenda-

  • Chants you want to do for the big rally
  • Practice chants & maybe an 8-Count Drill to get you both more synchronized and less rusty on chants
  • Run-Thru
  • Stunts, including cradle (don't be scared Kens)
  • Other discussions;  Cheer alumni 'groupies,' boys, JrHi, and probably a couple of more items too sensitive for email
This week's obstacles-
  • Coach is gone Tuesday 9/25 to the JrHi Game
  • Coach is gone Wednesday 9/26 to take Gracie to eye therapy in Omaha
  • So, we HAVE to practice Mon & Thurs and you probably should try to Tues & Wed w/o me.


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