Friday, February 09, 2007

Senior & Parent's Night 2007

Senior & Parent's Night 2007

Cassie Androy is the daughter of Patti & Tom Androy. This was Cassie’s second year on Cheer and her leadership and contributions will be greatly missed. Cassie has been very active in Student Government and Drill Squad.

Haley Mitchell is the daughter of Christine Craig & Sharon Mitchell. This was Haley’s first year on Cheer but she was a natural thanks to her experience on Drill Squad.

Mary Angelene Kirk is the daughter of Bill & Linda Kirk. This was also Angie’s second year on Cheer. Her amazing enthusiasm, energy and school spirit- not to mention her powerful voice will certainly leave a big hole when she’s gone. Angie has been active in Speech, JEL, and Yearbook.

Kimberly Wood is the daughter of Jo Joe Wood & Mariellen Sharp. Kim also is finishing her first year on Cheer and with her huge smile and all of her Drill Squad experience, she probably should’ve started sooner.

Mascot Brett Malone is the son of Bryan & Lori Malone. This is an especially meaningful night because Brett has been appearing as “Cujo” the Boyer Valley Bulldog for all four of his years in high school. That’s 28 in Dog years. He is only the fourth mascot in seven years and, as only his three predecessors can tell you, it is a hot, strenuous and occasionally life-threatening job. Not only has he had to learn how to deal with little kids, but he has learned to deal with teenage girls like no other boy in school! BV appreciates your years of service and will surely miss you. Thanks Brett.

With any luck, maybe we’ll be seeing both Brett and Angie on the Spirit Squad at the University of Northern Iowa sometime soon!

Good Luck Seniors!

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