Monday, February 12, 2007

Prophet, Priest, and Pirate

As many of you may know, before I came to Boyer Valley, I taught at Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School. Since moving to Iowa, I've been the Youth Group leader at our Church in Charter Oak. Well, with three little girls who are at least another 6-10 years away from high school, I am insanely busy with things like dance class and speech therapy, so I'll be stepping down from being Youth Leader this May.

But if I say,"I will not mention Him
or speak any more in His name,"
His word is in my heart like a fire,
a fire shut up in my bones.
I am weary of holding it in;
indeed, I cannot. (Jeremiah 20:9)

There was even a time when I thought about becoming a pastor. Mind you, I don't believe in forcing my beliefs on anyone and I believe in the separation of church and state in public schools (keep in mind that this website is not an official BVCS site). But if you ever need someone to listen to you or to pray for you, let me know. If you ever want or need to talk about your faith or beliefs, let me know. It won't be in class, but before/after school, at lunch or by email, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. It doesn't matter to me if your Methodist, Catholic, non-denominational, Baptist, Lutheran, whatever, or have no Church background.

Meanwhile, I have another website- "Prophet, Priest and Pirate," where I hope to talk about teen faith issues, prayer and where I want to be able to “be real,” and talk about my own personal struggles and celebrations.

Feel like our faith has been hijacked? Let's chart a new course.
We could even launch a few guerrilla raids on the white-washed tombs!
Visit "Prophet, Priest and Pirate" for prayers, devotions, theology, and an occasional rant.

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