Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Night

Stacie, (please pass this on to Larry & the players if you want to too)

I want to apologize for there not being a cheer squad at the girl's game Saturday. I am embarrassed and ashamed.
This will sound completely like a big litany of excuses, but I feel the need to list them all anyway:

2 girls had told me ahead of time that they couldn't get out of work. 1 asked is she could have off because of a family friend visiting, as she was one of the few who hasn't been flaky, I let her. Another was injured and her MD told her no cheer until the 20th.

The "service engine soon" light was on and never went out in the van they assigned us.

Only 2 cheerleaders showed up. Now that shouldn't have stopped us, heck ArWeVa has only had 2 girls all season, but these are two of the most shy/self-conscious girls and I'm a push-over.

Finally, Friday night we got word that mt wife's grandfather was hospitalized in Onawa with kidney failure and blood loss. My in-laws canceled a trip to Kansas to see their son & his kids because the MD gave Grandpa only a 50/50 chance. Mark (my brother-in-law) and our nephews came up instead.

The 2 cheerleaders that cam asked if they could just sit in the stands and lead spirit that way, I asked them if they'd mind if I went home to be with my wife & her family and they were okay with that.

I suppose I set a bad example for my cheerleaders since obviously I already don't demand enough from them. I apologize for that too. Needless to say, only half were going to letter and after tonight I may even need to reassess that too.

Please accept my apologies. I'll be anxiously watching the news and/or tuning in KDSN to see how we fared.


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