Monday, May 15, 2006

Trust breaker

This is just not an easy job.
Last Thursday was the last Track meet. You'd think that would be a relief, except that one of the many girls who worked may have got away with between $300 and $600!

Things were ripe for this kind of thing to happen because so many people were in and out of there and because it was so busy it was hard to keep your eye on the bag the whole time between cleaning, restocking and helping customers.

7th & 8th grade cheerleaders help me take down the taco meat, hot dogs & buns and get set up. After their track practice was over, somewhere between 4 and 4:30 two high school girls came (2 middle school girls left) a third high school girl came after her practice just before 5.

Sometime around 5:30 I tried to clean-up the bag, sorting bills by denomination, but not really counting it. I noticed one $50 and estimate at least 10-20 $20s. AS it started getting busier I suggested calling the middle schoolers back, back but the high school girls asked two other Drill girls to work.

Sometime around 6:30 I came up to the school to get another can of nacho cheese from the kitchen. Routine, 5 years of doing this I’ve always been able to trust the kids and go buy quarters, more lettuce, whatever. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t gone more than 15 minutes.
Around 7pm we were sold out of everything but pop. One high school girl's back was hurting so I told her she could go home, two others left too. I asked those two middle school girls to come back and help sell pop and clean-up. One didn’t but but one did and brought a 7th grade cheerleader with her.

There were a few kids "Peripheral" kids who I didn’t ask for help and didn’t really want back there but obviously I wasn’t forceful enough:

I think asked to keep her backpack in behind the door with other kids’. Another was talking to workers, I’m not sure even if or when she may have been inside and one more came back and talked to kids and acted like she was selling pop.

They all cleared out by 7:20 or so, One helped me bring back the crock pots and extra hot dog buns and I had her count change as I counted bills, so she is the one student who know that we’re short.

So far we haven't gotten to the bottom of it, although our principal has interviewed averyone.
I always try to trust kids and look for the best in them, so this has me really has me shook up.

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