Monday, May 15, 2006

Football tryouts

What is going on? Did somebody curse me? I know that we have a really awesome volleyball team, but man! I only got 3 eighth graders to come out for football cheer. I had one high school veteran sign up, but she didn't come out.

Second hand I heard that she'd only come out it there weren't any tryouts and if I REALLY needed her. Problem for her is that I wasn't sure I'd accept her back anyway because she quit before basketball season was finished.

So I am begging another veteran who's not going out for volleyball and trying to persuade another girl who's cheered at Maple Valley before she transferred to BV- however, she is having knee surgery later this month and may not be able to participate for 4 months.

Sigh. The two positive parts of this predicament are at least four of the awesome five that I had last basketball season and those 3 eighth graders are awesome girls that I care about alot (even if one of them is one of the 11 suspects in the track concessions investigation- I don't think it's her and it would break my heart to find out it was). I'm not sure how two of the three will get along, but if I get at least one of the other kids I'm trying to recruit, that will help the dynamic a lot.

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