Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dealing with it

Well, the Junior I was begging to come back out decided not to and the Sophomore who'd quit last season came and talked to me and I caved. At least we'll have 4. Always got to be positive, right?

So at least there are four. The "Fantastic 4," and even though they're all girls, I could tell you which one would fit in each role- but they might not appreciate that. One is outspoken like Johnny Storm (human torch), one is fairly serious and really smart like Mr. Fantastic, one is silent and shy, almost invisible like the invisile woman, and one is burdoned with anger and has the weight of the world on her shoulders, kind of like the thing.

Still no resolution on the concession money theft. Part of me wants to just let it go and try to get over it. Part of me wants to know who it was. It may break my heart, or tick me off, but at least I won't keep being suspicious of all 11 of them- at least there would be some sense of closure. If it was malicious I can let myself feel angry. If it was a compulsion or a mistake or even a preceived need, then maybe I can offer them some kind of help or at least forgiveness or at very least pity.

As it is I just feel out of control, violated, cheated and burned.

I keep wishing that at least a couple of hundred bucks would show up mysteriously in an envelope with an anonymous note or someting in my desk or in the office. I want it to go away. If/when whoever it is gets caught without coming forward, they'll no doubt be at least suspended and not allowed to participate in Drill or Cheer or any extra-curriculars. Who knows, maybe even police charges. If they'd just come forward and return whatever they haven't spent- I for one would consider them brave and not only forgive them, but be really proud of them for having such courage. And I can't imagine anything worse than detention, maybe a short suspension at most. But I can't speak for the administration. And what the heck, I have no clue who it could be or how to get them to confess anyway. That's why I'm just a teacher and not in guidance or administration.

Still, instead of getting excited about these 4 that I have because all 4 of them are kids that I really care about and love- between not having enough candidates for a tryout (what is wrong with me? With Cheerleading? Whith our Cheer program at BV?) and this concessions theft thing, I'm really depressed.

Such is life and life goes on. This too shall pass.

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