Wednesday, September 14, 2005


“When you find out things about yourself
That you hadn't ought to know
When your grandma calls and books you on the Jerry Springer Show
And you find out you and your wife of 10 years
Just might be related

Brother, life's not over
It's just simply complicated.

There's other situations that might challenge you I guess
When your daughter tries out for the football team
And your son tries on her dress.
And you start to think that the devil's in charge
Of how you're situated.
Life is still worth living
It's just simply complicated

Life is complicated with its if's and and's and but's
It's alright to be crazy, just don't let it drive you nuts.”

~Jimmy Buffett

Man, Cheer is starting to get complicated this year.
So we were supposed to have ordered new uniforms last Spring, but we didn’t even have a squad until school started about a month ago.

So what we have is 5 cheerleaders, 2 of which are TOTAL rookies, and 4 ½ uniforms, 2 bags, 4 sets of poms, and only one megaphone (guilt-guilt & shame former cheerleaders!). Did I mention that 3 of those 4 ½ uniforms fit really bad? And we haven’t had time to think about new uniforms because we’ve hardly practiced so we hardly know any chants. (Let alone cheers and stunts).

Now some mixed-blessings- ever since the last game, several kids have approached me and told me that they’re planning on coming out for basketball season. AWESOME- although, if I want uniforms that fit, should I wait till after tryouts in November to measure & order? It gets more complicated…

One of my rookies must have felt alienated, like she didn’t have any friends on the squad, because she went to work and recruited two (for THIS season). One’s quiet as a mouse and while the other cheered last year in Junior High, is painfully shy and doesn’t want to perform in front of the whole student body at pep rallies.

Dilemma; rules allow 8 during football and 6 during basketball. I’m okay having 7 instead of 5, but I already only have 4 ½ uniforms, that don’t fit well.

It gets even more complicated- 3 out of my 5 Junior High cheerleaders are now ineligible because of poor grades, and one of the 2 left has a broken ankle, so she’ll be on the Disabled list for about 6 weeks.

Good Grief!
Your prayers and support are always welcome!

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