Monday, September 19, 2005

Adding Comments

Hey, visitors, BV Cheerleaders and X BV and X LALHS Cheerleaders, you can contribute to this site in at least 3 ways!

1) click anywhere that it says "comments" and you can post whatever you want about what I post.

2) look over at the right hand menu- and click one of those links marked "message boards" and it will take you to bulletin boards where you can post questions, comments, or your own "journal entries" about practice, a game or a pep rally- or whatever.

3) Scroll down a little more on that right-hand-menu ("sidebar") and you'll find a new "tag-board" that I recently installed. Last year's squad had a lot of fun with a tagboard on our old website.

Of course, you can always just email me. Send me pictures that you want posted and I'll do it.

Just wanted to let you know how you can participate and make this website "ours" and not just "mine."


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