Thursday, December 11, 2014

Secret Santa & BB Pep Rallies

  1. Please come to the Art Room ASAP to draw your name for Secret Santa. NO MORE THAN $10/gift
  2. Please bring in your Cheer Stocking ASAP if you can find it, let Coach know if you need a new one (yes Cheyann & Nick, I already know you need new ones).
  3. Please let me know if you CAN'T make it to this Saturday's game. I know Larissa is visiting her aunt that day. If we have 3 (including Jenn) great, but I won't make only one person cheer alone (although Rena would).
  4. Please come pick up your 2014-15 Cheer Tee Shirt ($18)
Here are the dates Mr.Gee has give us for Basketball Pep Rallies:
  • Jan. 16th 
  • Feb 6th
  • and then if we have home play-off games.

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