Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cheer This Week/Next Week

  • FRI 12/5- HOME GAME- (Nick Ahart- come Mascot for us!)
    • Wear Uniforms to School
    • PEP RALLY!!! (anybody got a plan?)
  • TUES 12/9- @CAM in Anita, BUS TIME 3:40PM!!!
  • FRI 12/12- Boys only vs. Coon Rapids HOME (yes, come to & cheer for JV at 6pm, Nick, you too- its a home game)
  • SAT 12/13- @West Harrison, BUS TIME 4:20PM
Liberty is the only person who's come to pick her's up. I know $18.50 is a lot, but it'll be a lot for me to get stuck with if none of you ever pay for your. I have them in a box in my Art room. We've had them for months. Please come get yours. If you can't afford it, ask your parents or grandparents to get it for you for Christmas- or at least loan you the money. PLEASE!!!

FINALLY- If you still have one and can find it, bring your Cheer Stocking to school so we can hang them up between now and Christmas. That way I'll only have to make a new one for Cheyann.

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