Tuesday, September 23, 2014

VAN TIME FRI- Other Cheer Reminders

  • Please be careful not to get paint on your uniforms this Friday since it's "Decoration Day" for Spirit Week next week.
  • Plan on Leaving around 4:00pm Fri- Liberty won't be coming along, so I offered to let Mali ride with us even though her medical status is still pending- but Cheyann please plan on coming too.
  • Please bring your $18.50 ASAP to receive your t-shirt (they're here)
  • Come to practice today if you can to start work on the Homecoming Run-Thru
  • This Thurs, you can paint it, but I have an eye appointment at 4 in Denison
  • Next Tues & Thurs 9/30 & 10/2 are the Puppy-Clinic Days 3:30-4:30! Please take off work or talk to your coaches & parents about coming to help. So far I know Catherine, Cheyann, Chelsea and Mali. I think Jennifer told me she might be able to come one of the two days. Thanks.
  • SUN 9/28 Coronation & Jersey Auction- This is new to Cheyann, but review for the rest, but here it is- Soup Supper at 5, coronation at 6, Jersey Auction follows- bring your shell on a hanger (Chelsea/Nick I'll send a Cujo head). REMEMBER WHO BUYS YOUR SHELL- you are responsible to get it back from them either TUES for the Bonfire or no later than THURS night so you can wear it FRI- also, please write them a thank you note. 
    Also, I know you'll hate me for this ,but I won't be able to attend because both I have my mom coming in from Phoenix, and a church conference. Sorry, I feel bad and you're all important to me, I swear.
  • TUES 9/30- Play powder puff football if you want to, just PLEASE don't get genuinely injured. Report to the Bonfire & help lead cheers at 8:00pm (preferably in uniform, but warm-ups would be fine, esp. if you haven't got your shell back yet) Short, simple pep-rally, 'Battle Cry,' Beat the Wolverines, whatever you want that pumps the crowd. Introduce Coach Pete & whomever else Sheilia has as guest speakers. Again, I'm gonna be entertaining my Mom, so I'm counting on you to get along with each other and to represent the best of BV. Cheerleaders are to Homecoming what Santa is to Christmas- Football players and band and a Queen are all part of it, but lets face it, they're reindeer and elves, you're Santa, this is your gig. Make me proud and make some memories!
  • I'll type-up and share a general outline for next Friday's Homecoming Pep Rally, I meant to do it a long time ago but I'm already way behind on the latest district newsletter- but watch for it.
    You've been doing an awesome job this season, I can't thank you enough. Come check your mailboxes in the Art room for last game's evals & pyramid notes!

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