Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Track Concessions Schedules

Okay- I've gone over the Girls & Boys Track and the Golf Schedule and this looks like the best I can do for all of you. I'm sending copies to our Golf & Track coaches so that they'll know you'll need to miss practice those days.

I'm asking Nikki Ahart to be the adult at the next meet because I'm scheduled to go to a technology conference in Omaha that day. (Will that still work for you Nikki?- please let me know, because I can come back early if I have to). 

Frankly this ends up being a little unfair to those not in Golf or Track because instead of everyone working 2 meets, they all have to work 3 each. But we're a small school and I'd rather encourage you to be in more than one sport. I may try to think of some special reward/thank-you to those of you working multiple meets though, I really appreciate your help.

I scheduled more people for the Apr 24 meet than the May 1 one because while they're both MS, this upcoming one has 6 schools, whereas the May meet has only 5.

Please let me know ASAP if there is a problem with any of these dates of if you get sick- so that we can try to find a replacement for you. Thanks everyone.

MEET Th Apr 24- Junior High Invite Thr May 1- JrHi Harrison County Invite Mo May 12- Boys' HS Invite Tue May 13- JrHi Rolling Valley Conference
SUPERVISORN.Ahart (?) Coach Mallory Coach Mallory Coach Mallory
STAFFJade Allard, Catherine Dublinski, Liberty Monk, Chelsea Willis Jade Allard, Catherine Dublinski, Larissa Hollinger Catherine Dublinski, Mali Bounsana, Lara Laubscher, Jennifer Zehner Catherine Dublinski, Larissa Hollinger, Liberty Monk, Madison Seuntjens, 

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