Sunday, April 27, 2014

Make sure that you "Bring it!"

Okay- gotta say this- I really love this 2013-14 Squad. If I could keep you forever I would. But here's a reminder about our upcoming tryouts; there's 6 boxes, there's only room for 6 + a mascot in the van for away football games. Rules say only 6 at away basketball games. I anticipate taking 8, I know a lot of people are hoping fo 10. Plan on 8. No one really likes being an alternate anyway.

We had 6 Sophomores, a Freshman and a Junior this year. There's at least 3 people planning on trying out who'll be Seniors, those same 6 who'll now be Juniors, a couple who'll be Sophomores and maybe one or two Freshmen. In other words; this year its gonna be competitive.

So be ready for it. Bring your "A-Game." Here's a couple of links that you can look through for videos and ideas to help you get ready:

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