Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 BV Track Concessions- Cheer/Drill

Boyer Valley Cheer and Drill share concessions for Track. This is Cheer's only fundraiser. Below is the schedule of home track meets. Every Dancer and Cheerleader needs to sign up to work at least one meet.

Many Drill & Cheer members also run track- you still need to work concessions, so it is up to you to talk with your track coaches about missing practice to work either the Boys meet or a Junior High meet. It's not that hard, they're flexible and we've been doing this for decades. Worst case scenario, you can ask someone in NHS to work for you in return for service hours.

Drill members and parents- Cheer and Drill SHARE this fundraiser. Last year the Drill team held a competing grilling fundraiser at track which cost both squads revenue from concessions. May I humbly and cooperatively ask that either Drill please not set up a fundraiser that coincides with Track Concessions or that we find away to please share BOTH grilling and the concession stand revenues?

Drill team members, Cheerleaders, and Mascot- please look at the list of dates and tell Mr. Mallory when you'd prefer to be scheduled. I will go ahead and schedule anyone who has not made their request by Friday March 16. Drill and Cheer members are responsible for finding their own substitutes and then informing Mr. Mallory and/or Mrs. Dickinson as soon as possible before your assigned date. Thank You.

 2012 Boyer Valley Home Track Meets

  • Monday April 2- HS Girls Invitational 4:30pm
  • Thursday April 19- Junior High B/G Invitational 4:00pm
  • Monday May 7- HS Boys Invitational 4:30pm
  • Tuesday May 8- Junior High Western Valley Conference  Meet 4:00pm

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