Monday, October 31, 2011

Basketball Tryouts

2011-12 Basketball Cheerleading
Tryout Practice Mon Nov 14th and 15th.
If there are enough candidates to hold tryouts, they will be held Wed Nov 16th.
Please see Coach Mallory in Room 219 paperwork.
There are 3 numbers used to help select cheerleaders; 
1) the average of 3 teacher-recommendation forms
2) the Cheer candidate's GPA,
3) the average of the candidate's scores from judges at an actual tryout.
    Please read the Tryout Outline to see what to expect

Final selection is at the discretion of the coach. IHSAA, IGHSAU, and ICCA rules all permit only 6 cheerleaders and one mascot on the court.
Candidates won't be permitted to tryout or to cheer without turning in the following:

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