Monday, December 06, 2010


Please come 5-10 minutes early to the North entrance hallway between the gym & the concessions stand to make sure you don't miss the bus.

TUES- 4:40 PM to Mapleton
FRI- 4:30 PM to Mondamin

  • For those of you who are new, here are the rules:
  • Sit together toward the front, behind the coaches.
  • No sitting with, flirting with, or any other fraternization with boys while in uniform
  • We are always the last on and the last off on the way there. The first ones on but the last ones off on the way home.
  • Try not to be too loud or silly on the way there, their coaches may want them to be focusing (but take your cue from how the players act).
  • Wish the teams good luck before the games.
  • If we lose, try to be somber and respectful on the ride home (again, take your cue from the teams). 
  • If we win, obviously be congratulatory.
  • Please take any trash off of the bus that you create by bringing things on (bottles, chip bags, candy wrappers etc.)

It's a good idea to bring an ipod, homework, a book (with a book light), or like so many people a phone to play with. Try to get something to eat between when school lets out and the bus. Blankets are also an excellent idea considering the temps at night.

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