Friday, May 21, 2010

Bit of an identity crisis

This blog is this blog kind of a fun photo album/scrap book for my cheer squad and a (hopefully) a means of communicating to both those cheerleaders and their parents. Lately it's made more sense and been easier to fulfill these functions on facebook.

As the school Web site coordinator, I really feel like much of this blog's content needs to start being featured there. As technology in Education continues to evolve and teachers and coaches like me seek to make Web content more interactive for students, I've been toying a lot lately with establishing a Cheer Wiki.

All this leaves me very tempted to return this blog to my original intention, a journal about my unique opinions and experiences as a male coach in a predominantly female sport. Which, like every other wannabe here on the Web, I could eventually turn into a book, good luck, right?

Worst case scenario, I'd just get lazy and leave it fallow since it's main purposes are being taken care of either on facebook or by direct email. But we'll see. If nothing else, I'll just duplicate material here, that way all you'll have to do is search for it and it will be archived here.

If you've got any suggestions or opinions on the future of this blog,  please let me know.

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