Friday, February 26, 2010

Rules Clarification

I think that I, sent everyone into a tizzy about substate & state tourneys in regards to who can come or not come, etc. etc.
I believe we're good to have all 6 of you come to any substate/state games. So please don't worry about it or become competitive/snippy with each other about who'll get to go or not.

"Six cheerleaders (all in uniform), which includes the mascot, may cheer at girls' basketball sectionals, districts, regionals, and state.  These cheerleaders must cheer the entire game/meet without substitutions.  Cheerleaders are not allowed at girls' state swimming because of the lack of space."

I think that it's that word "substitutions" that I had remembered, which led me to say anything last night and I shouldn't have even said anything before I had looked it up and reviewed it first. It would have only been an issue if we were a big school with Frosh/JV/Var Cheer squads.

Obviously, as I said last night, the jewelry and gum rules have to be enforced now- I have been WAAAY too lax about that all season. But there's some more, which you probably won't like, so don't shoot the messenger, these are State rules, not just me being mean. Hair has to be up and pulled back. No bangs.

The way I figure it, as annoying as this will be for you, it's worth it. Coach Armstead was telling me how no Boyer Valley, Dunlap, Dunlap-Dow City-Arion boys basketball team has ever made it this far. So no other cheer squad has gotten to go along with them.

Here's what the rule book says:

"Pulling hair away from the face situations:

  1.   Hair in a ponytail and bangs (which would have been in the eyes) secured away from

        the face – legal

  2.   Hair in a high ponytail that is long and goes down the back – legal

  3.   Hair in pigtails or side ponytail that does NOT touch the shoulders – legal

  4.   Hair in a low back ponytail at the base of the nape of the neck – legal

  5.   Short hair with hair that could be in face secured away – legal

  6.   Hair in a side ponytail that goes onto or touches the shoulders – illegal

  7.   Hair in pigtails that touches the shoulders – illegal


 Bangs pulled across forehead, wispies, & chunks of hair beside face:

  1.  The above - out of eyes and if necessary soundly secured away from the face – legal

  2.   Hair that falls into the face while cheering, stunting, or tumbling – illegal

  3.   How do you know if it is legal? 

            If you have to: 

                        A.  Move your head to move it away from your face – illegal

                        B.  Use your hand to move it away from your face – illegal

                        C.  Tuck it behind your ears – illegal

NOTE:  "Bumpits" are illegal."


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