Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pictures from the 10/17 Bedford game

I was informed that I can't just post pictures on Facebook, but they have to keep being put up here too. So here you go. It was COLD. We won (so we have a substate game on Wed. 10/29- first time in years) Kensie was sick, decided to quit before the end of the season, and Christian was on some family trip to St. Louis or something- consequently Sasha and Christine cheered alone (in the cold). "Hustle Hustle" just usually works so much better with a whole big long line of people doing it together. Oh well, GREAT JOB S&C! Bedford, by the way, brought like 12 cheerleaders (could've swore the rule was only 8 for football), so we looked like the small squad that we are. Be that as it may, we had FUN and helped the crowd to have fun too, which is our job and guess what, thanks to us our team won! Way to go Squishy and Chief!
See, they're the Bedford Bulldogs, we're the Boyer Valley Bulldogs, it was a "dogfight," So Christine (our official Run-Thru goddess this season, Thanks, Chief) thought up the "this is OUR house" idea, pretty clever, eh?

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