Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Track Concessions

Drill Squad members and Cheerleaders all need to sign up for to work
the concessions stand at two track meets-

Thr. Apr. 5 Girls' Invit., Thr. Apr. 19 JrHi Invit., Tue. May 1 BV
Conf., Tue. May 8 Boys' Invit., and Thr. May 10 JrHi Conf.

Please sign up in Mr. Mallory's room as soon as possible. If you don't
sign up By March 21 you will be assigned two nights. You are
responsible for finding substitutes to work for you. Please make
arrangements with your employers, track and golf coaches, and parents
ahead of time. Thank you.

Brett Malone & Angie Kirk have already signed up- Thanks guys

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