Monday, March 26, 2007

Football Tryouts

Here we go-

Tryout practices will be Monday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 9
Tryouts themselves will be Friday, May 11

Kassi, Christine, Rena, Sasha, Kensie, and Jessica all made it to the activity period meeting today, along with newcomer Kim. Megan was absent from school. I was hoping to see Kayla,Vicki or Kristen, and Vicki told me to expect Ashley- however, I know that all three of them may be interested in basketball but not football. Volleyball, Cross Country and both social and family dynamics certainly all come into play.

State rules allow 8 during football, but they only give us 7 passenger vans for away games. Just so you all know, I need to consider grades, abilities, experience, coachability, personal character, and cooperation/inter-personal skills as well, besides how candidates perform for judges on the day of the actual tryout. I know and really care about seven of the eight candidates we have so far. As much as I love 'em, ( and I REALLY do, like you're my own family) I'd still love to be able to choose six or eight from a field of over twenty, but what seems to happen for football season is that we start with a field of seven to ten and wind up with three or four. If any of you know anyone, including Eighth-through Eleventh graders who might be interested, please encourage them to talk to me and to tryout next month.

We have some insanely great seventh graders who'll be eighth graders next Fall, part of me wishes they were going to be Freshmen. Who knows if there are any sixth graders who'll be interested!

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