Monday, November 13, 2006

Peekaboo- EYE see you!

So the school Maintenance Director asked me to take some pictures of some problems in the new Wellness Center so he could complain to the builders and get them to fix them... so I'm walking through the beautiful and spacious new Kirk Sturgill Memorial Dunalap Community Wellness Center, minding my own business...
When who should I happen to bump into? None other than former Football Cheerleader Kensie Jensen! Yes! THE "Apple Juice" herself! Wow. You just never know what king of famous people you're bound to run into over there. And believe me, it hurt when I bumped into her with those big 'ol weights! Say, who's that in the picture behind her? Yeah, I think that that WOULD be Coach Petersen saying "Get back to work Kensie, this is Strength Training Class, not Screw Around and goof off time." What a ham! Miss you AJ!

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