Thursday, November 02, 2006


    Emoticon (noun). A figure created with the symbols on
the keyboard. Read with the head tilted to the left.
Used to convey the spirit in which a line of text is

:-i Semi-Smiley, :-] Smiley blockhead,
:-% has beard, :-o singing national anthem,
:-t is cross, :-: mutant,
:-( Drama, :-) Comedy,
:- male, :-? smoking a pipe,
:-\ Undecided, :-p) sticking tongue out,
:-)'tends to drool, :-'| has a cold,
:-)8 well dressed, :-D talks too much,
:-# lips are sealed, :-o shocked
:-{ a mustache, :-% has beard,
:-& tongue-tied, :-9 licking lips,
:-( Sad, :-> Hey hey,
:-X Wearing a bow tie, :-0 an orator,
:-#| bushy mustache, :-@ User face screaming,
:-% a banker, :-} wearing lipstick,
:-) Humor (or smiley), :-v Talking head Smiley,
:-c Bummed out Smiley, :-e Disappointed Smiley,
:-< Real sad Smiley, :-I Hmm,
:-( Boo hoo, :-8 ( Condescending stare,
:-# My lips are sealed, :-O Uh oh,
:-Q Smoker, ::-) wearing glasses,
:├┐User has two noses, :> Midget Smiley ,
:>) User has a big nose, :%)% User has acne, ;-)
Winking Smiley, (-: user is left-handed, (-) needing a
haircut, (:-) Smiley big-face, (:-( unSmiley frowning,
(:)-) scuba diver, (:I Egghead, ):-( UnSmiley big-face
{(:-) wearing toupee, +-(:-) the pope, +:-)
Smiley priest, ,-} Wry and winking, *:o) User is a
Bozo, *<|:-) User is Santa Claus, <:I Dunce,

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