Monday, April 10, 2006

Track Concessions

Cheer and Drill: If you were on Drill squad this year, and if you were on either football or basketball cheer­leading this year- please sign up for track concessions in Mr. Mallory’s room. This is mandatory because it is the only fundraiser for both drill and cheer. Ideally we need 6 -7 people to cover each shift. For this reason, drill and cheer members were asked to sign up for two nights. We have a lot of overlap- girls that were on drill and cheer and girls that were in either drill or cheer that are now on track or golf, but it is manda­tory so you need to negotiate with your other coaches, parents or employers.

Thank you to the girls who worked the Thurs Ap 6 meet, you did an awesome job!

Thurs Ap 20 BV JrHi- Cogdill
Nichole Kline
Rena Hayden
Brett Malone

Brittany Buck*

Stephanie Cogdill*

Tues May 2 BV Conf- Cogdill
Alisha Steele
Brittani Nichols
Ann Baldwin
Kayla Donscheski
Jennifer Houston

Tues May 9 BV Boy's- Mallory
Brittany Gosch
Ashley Reetz
Andrea Gibson
Heather Lawson
Kim Wood
Vicki Jones
Haley Mitchell

Thurs May 11- Mallory
Angie Kirk
Cassie Androy

Becky Heller*
Heidi Schaben*
Andrea Mefferd*
Larissa Park*

* If you were not signed up by Friday, April 7 you were assigned a meet. It will be YOUR responsibility to work, get someone to work for you, or have your parents work for you Failure to work at least one meet may result in putting a hold on your graduation, promotion, transcripts or report card. Anyone who needs to trade or find a sub, please make arrangements on your own, but make sure you tell Mr. Mallory as soon as you’ve made arrangements.

Thank You.

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