Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Are you a regular reader who'd like to be updated about this blog?

Some of you are in an email "group" who already receive an email every time I post something. I feel bad that I'm bothering you with that spam so I'm going to delete that group soon.

Others wouldn't mind that, maybe you'd even like that. Well, I'll tell ya what I'm a gonna do-

As you see in this graphic, there's some new clutter over there on the right hand side-bar. There called "chicklets." The orange square is the internet standard for RSS feeds. That is "news readers" or "blog feeders." If you're techno savy enough, you'll know how to use it. In case you're not, the Yahoo and Google chicklets will allow you to add this blog as content to your homepage. Or, if you'd like to receive an email whenever I update Coach's Blog, then click on the "Bot-a-Blog" chicklet and they'll take your subscription there.

Thanks. I hope you like reading about Cheerleading at BV.

Have a great Spring!


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