Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The one that got away?

Man! I just talked to the eighth grader who hadn't gotten her physical in yet. Her older brother is her guardian and he doesn't want her to go out for Cheer, because he doesn't think it's athletic enough, and he doesn't want her to look like a "puss."

1) She's a @#*!&! girl

2) I need more "jocks" in the program to help make the perceived image of our squad less like a bunch of "puss" es (pardon his word, not mine)

3) It is a sport, just because you don't compete for a ball. I make them run laps, I make them do crunches and sit ups and push ups. The flippin' University of Nebraska had to close down their whole cheer program because someone was killed because it's such a dangerous sport.

I'd call this "parent" (brother) but I don't want to cause more trouble for the student. She's so loud and has so much energy- she'd make an AWESOME cheerleader.

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