Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to School

Well, this afternoon will be our first practice.


We're kind of a motley crew, but at least there's a squad. Underclassmen all the way.
3 Sophomores; one was on Varsity last year, one was on Junior High for a brief time, and another that was on Jr Hi for two years- she just got 3rd place at the Iowa State Fair for Gymnastics!

And 2 Freshmen; complete rookies to the sport of cheerleading, one of whom is pretty cynical and pretty stubborn- she has also already admitted to having dealt with an eating disorder this summer. Yikes! I hope they know that I'm no Dr. Phil!


I was SO excited about having such a great squad, but three of my returning eighth graders and my most zealous seventh grader are all playing volleyball. It should be okay- Basketball is a longer, more involved season that Football anyway, at least for our Jr Hi.

So I have three eighth graders; one is new, but she's been researching cheer on the web and trying to practice with the DVD we made last Spring, one is the quietest, most shy girl ever, and the third hasn't got her physical turned in yet.

Then there are the three seventh graders; THERE'RE SO TINY! I guess I got too used the almost-all-Senior Varsity squad I had last year. THis group really makes me feel old though, because when I first came to Boyer Valley 5 years ago, I tought them Art as Second-Graders!


Time to take a deep breath, say a quick prayer, and get started on the season!

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