Monday, February 28, 2005


Once again, please forgive me for missing your last game. Thank you for letting us try to get Grace help at Shriner’s Hospital in St. Paul. Thank you AGAIN for an exemplary year. It had to be the absolute smoothest in all my years since 1993! I really appreciate it. And thank you, too for letting me videotape “the list.” It was obvious that you were relieved to get it over with, so I appreciate it all the more. Thank you.

2004-05 Varsity Cheerleaders- Randi , Rosemary, Moe , Aleigh, Kelli, and Rena. Please clean and return your uniforms, poms, warm-ups, bags, and megaphones to Coach Mallory in room 219 as soon as possible. (if your name is still in this announcement, you haven’t returned all of your items yet- Rosemary owns her uniform so that’s one of 5 items she doesn’t have to return)

RE: Cheerleading Tryouts- Veterans, please plan on helping teach on Monday and Tuesday and judging Thursday. Please encourage any underclassmen that you know (8-11) to tryout. 2005-06 Varsity Thur March 10th, Tryout practices Mon & Tue, March 7th & 8th. Please see Coach Mallory in Room 219 to sign up and get paperwork.

ALSO: Keep in mind that we have Track Concessions with Drill in the Spring. Everyone needs to plan to work at least ONE. Thank you so much.

Again, this has been an awesome year, you’re my “Dream Team,” if I could clone you all, I would. You showed a lot of spirit and a lot of class. I’m very proud of you all and will miss you each- especially. Next fall when Cheerleading starts up again.

Please keep in touch over the years,

P.S. Go see Tommy Lee Jones in “Man of the House,” it’s a kill.

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