Friday, February 11, 2005

District Tournaments

District Tournaments
Here is a schedule of Tournament Basketball Games. Remember only District Semifinals (#1&3) are absolute, everything else depends on whether we win or lose.

Lets show our pride and wear our uniforms to school EVERYTIME! Thank you. :)

1. Mon 2/14 Girls @ Manilla 7pm v. IKM- Dist Semifinal...BUS TIME 5:40pm

2. Sat 2/19 Girls @ Manilla 7pm v. winnwer of W Har v. Woodbine- Dist Final...BUSTIME 5:40? (TBA)

3. Mon 2/21 Boys @ Manning 7pm v. Woodbine- Dist Semifinal

4. Tue 2/22 Girls @ Denison 7pm v. ?- Regional Semifinal

5. Wed 2/23 Boys @ Manning 6:30pm v. Treynor- Distirct Final

6. Sat 2/26 Girls @ Harlan 4pm v.?- Regional Final

7. Mon 2/28 Boys @ Manning 7pm v. winner of Manning v. IKM- Regional Semifinal

8. Wed 3/2 Boys @ Denison 7pm v. ?- Regional Final

9, 10. State again!

Thank you for an AWESOME job this season and for putting up with my missing the last couple of games because of Annamarie!
One last favor, it's really important to me to finish videotaping "the list." It shouldn't take more than a half an hour. Please let me know what day works best for you ASAP. If I don't hear from you, I'll just plan on Thrursday, 2/17.

We'll need your uniforms, warm-ups, megaphones, poms, and bags as soon as possible after the last tournament game. Please be sure to clean and iron them before you turn them in.

Thanks again,

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