Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Been talking a lot these last few days with other teachers about what our school needs so I know we'd have a lot of allies in this like Mrs. Beam (StuCo), Mrs.Lee (NHS), Coach Pete & Mrs. Pippit, Mr. Marlin, Mrs Klien (Sub & alumna, former StuCo)...

We need PRIDE.

I'll get you all some dates for Cheer Camp as soon as I can and I'll preach to ya on the Pyramid of Success at least once a week like I do every summer (please don't just plan do ignore those), but right now, besides wishing you all a good summer- I want to plant that thought in your heads-

We need PRIDE.

Our job as a Spirit Squad is to build, encourage, inspire, & spread School PRIDE.

So all summer long, sure I'd love ya to walk, bike, jog, run, or swim to keep in shape; sure I'd love for you to practice cheers & jumps and go online to try to learn more, but the biggest thing I want ALL OF US to do this summer- brainstorm & germinate ways that we can create more school PRIDE.

Weekly Spirit posters? Locker Decs for clubs & orgs, not just teams? Wearing letterman jackets? Spirit awards? Notes & Thank Yous?

These are only a few and they'll mean a lot more if they come from YOU.

So remember; our focus next year is PRIDE.

Start thinking.

Think PRIDE.

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