Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Track Concessions

FYI- I need to know which track meet you can work at. I guess my plan is this- to schedule Track members on either boys or JrHi meets.

Would you rather "sign-up" for the days that work best for you, or should I go ahead and make-up a schedule and then have you work out trades with each other and let me know?

BTW- Coach Pippitt knows you need to do this and she's flexible. Also, remember, you can "hire" NHS members or parents to cover for you if you absolutely need to.

Also- (just in case, hopefully it will be non-issue) if something happens with my Dad, or if I need to stay later than expected at the tech conference I'm supposed to attend inn April, Nicki Ahart has agreed to cover for me.

These are our home track meet dates:

  • Thr Apr 10- Girls' HS Invite
  • Th Apr 24- Junior High Invite
  • Thr May 1- JrHi Harrison County Invite
  • Mo May 12- Boys' HS Invite
  • Tue May 13- JrHi Rolling Valley Conference 

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