Monday, January 13, 2014

CHEER THIS WEEK- Please read!

  • TUES Jan 14 @Elk Horn  Bustime 4:15pm
  • THRS Jan 16 Home Vs. ArWeVa- no rally, but we need hospitality (I know, they almost never have games on Thursdays, but we do, so please plan on it)
  • FRI- Jan 17 @Anita  Yeah, that is far, so Bustime is 3:45pm
  • MASCOT- maybe Skye wasn't so serious, I haven't heard from her, but Liberty may try taking on Cujo since the Slipper cut back her hours after she'd quit cheer because she thought she'd have to work all season. Wish her luck
  • TEE-SHIRTS- I've only got orders and money from maybe 3 of you. If you want 'em you got to get it in to me so that I can order them. Please?! I have more forms (or can always print them) if you need new ones. Can we say Tues Jan 21 is the absolute cut-off. If you don't have them to me by then, then I guess only the 3 people will have shirts ordered for them. Sorry.

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