Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday's Game

Okay- first of all, I feel bad that I won't be there with you, as most of you know, my dad has cancer and I'm flying back to Phoenix this weekend to see him after the surgery he had last week.

But I'm with you in spirit. Playoff are always amazing, even at "Sub-State" like this second round of districts against Glidden-Ralston. These are memories that you'll get to keep with you your whole lives.  My wife was on a cheer squad when CO-U's basketball team played in THE DOME (or maybe it was HyVee Hall) back in the 80's and she says it was one of the best parts of high school for her.

Here's what you need to know (I know, I never shut up, right?)
  • Back to the original Varsity Squad (unless one of you is sick).
  • However, Catherine & Lara are welcome to come (and I want you to), but be prepared to have to pay admission (sorry).
  • Mr. Straight says you'll ride the pep-bus and do not have to pay for the pep-bus- However, you must remember to sign-up for pep-bus!
  • No fighting.
  • Please represent, stay positive, follow rules, hair up, not jewelry, etc.
  • If you have any issues there, talk to Lisa, Ernie, or Mr. Straight. If she's there, and they're cheer or stunt issues, maybe look for Spenser Miller's mom.
  • I'd really like it if you'd wear your uniform or warm-ups and not t-shirts, jerseys etc. This is State. This is YOUR uniform. FB boys don't get to wear cheer shells. Be proud, be united, wear the "little black dress." Black is da bombshizzle!
  • Get along, you're a unit, you're sisters. Sisters may fight but they forgive & stay sisters.
  • SMILE, this is State for cripe's sake (I'm looking at you Maddie!)
I guess that's more than you need to know (typical Mal, sorry)
OH- as of this morning when I asked him, Mr. Straight hadn't made up his mind about a pep-rally yet. I say, be prepared just in case, but don't have a cow if there isn't one. Stay positive. 

I guess that's it. I'll be prayin' for ya. You know what you're doing, so do it LOUD & proud so that those boys & those crowds get fired UP.

Cheer so loud that Kaitlyn can hear you all the way in Montana.

Okay, that's it.

Maybe one last thing.

Imagine one of those helmets out there Monday night is #69 and cheer for him. Cheer so he could hear you even with his "beats" on. Do that and you'll be on fire.

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