Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Practice

Okay, so remember last Thursday when I thought I had a meeting during practice but I didn't? That was because that meeting is THIS Thursday (today). But please come anyway, just because you can't work on stunts, you can work on 2 things- finishing the run-thru for NEXT week's game...

AND making plans for your Homecoming "Pup-Rally" for the Elementary kids in Dow City. Friday morning Sept 20. Figure out transportation for everybody from Dunlap (I can't drive you because I teach 8th graders 1&2nd hours), and for everyone FROM DC back to Dunlap for school once you're done. When you get there, check in with Mr. Weber in the office while classroom teachers are taking their attendance. Then they'll all go to the gym. 10-20min tops just like a regular pep rally. So probably 8:45-9:00 or a little later. Use today's practice to discuss what cheers/stunts to do and in what order. Do you want to have Mr. Weber or Mr. Hall or some Coach/Teacher give a short speech? Do you want to teach the Fight Song? Do you take a long Cujo? Kids LOVE Cujo & Chelsea will be eligible again.

Van Time for Coon Rapids is 4:15, but maybe we should leave at 4:00 if we're stopping in Denison to eat.

PS- Liberty, your Shell came. It's on my round table.

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