Thursday, August 08, 2013


I'm trying to get quotes from three different vendors on warm-ups, hoping to get them quicker and/or cheaper than from a catalog. On average, it looks like approx. $65 a set, and then another $8-10 for embroidery, so it may end up being close to $70/$80.

I know a few of you have talked about wanting to buy your own, but I'm hoping you won't all have to if our account can buy a few sets that will be "school property." I'll have to check to see how much we have. I can ask Boosters to help, but I hesitate to ask for another $800 right after asking them to spend $1,200 last year for new uniforms.

Hopefully one of the 3 printers can save us some money. The break down is $37 for jackets, $27 for pants and extra $ for a megaphone, BV, or bulldog embroidered on the chest. What I'm looking at is fleece lined and polyester knit or nylon on the outside, so that they'll be durable and WARM.

Please pass this information along to your parents so that no one gets surprised if/when this materializes.

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