Thursday, May 16, 2013

Websites you May Need

Coach's Internet Empire
CheerPositive; Our Cheerleading Wiki
Here you'll find videos to chants, jumps, and workouts as well as tons of content about what it means to be a cheerleader and leadership in general.

CheerCoach's Blog; Est.2004
Here's where to look for news & announcements about things like t-shirts, fundraisers, schedule changes etc., as well as pictures, and encouragement. Look through the archives and see what previous squads looked like from years gone by,

Coach's YouTube Channel; Video Tutorials
Here you'll find more videos to chants, jumps and workouts as well as demonstrations by some of our own on how to perform the school fight-song dance. There's even one video from 2005 where the squad runs through our entire list of chants. Want to practice on your own this summer? Then this is where to go.

CheerPinBoard; Ideas & Inspiration
Yes, it can be an addictive waste of time, but unlike facebook- there's no drama! Visit here for quotes, ideas, and resources. Everything from being positive to exercise routines.

Other Valuable Websites

AmericanCheerleader; Magazine
This is THE magazine for cheerleaders.

Miss Pineapple's Cheer Page; Cheer Central
This former cheerleader has put together an amazing menagerie of links, resources, ideas and community.; NCA, UCA, UDA, plus SHOPPING!
The premiere online destination for cheerleading. Tutorials, Cheers, Chants, Jumps, and shoes clothes & accessories too. This site was started by Varsity sportswear along with the National Cheer Association, and the Universal Cheer and Dance Associations.

ICCA; Iowa Cheer Coaches' Association
Want to know the rules? Here's wo make the rules (I just make you follow them)

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