Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make Up Track Meet TUE April 30

Hi Squad,

>>Congratulations to Shannon, your 2013 Prom Queen! We couldn't be more proud of you and personally, I couldn't be more proud of our student body for electing you! Hard work, positive attitude, kindness and acceptance of others- what more could you ask for in a cheerleader or a prom queen?!

This email is to let you know that Ernie Klein, our Athletic Director just let me know that the Junior High Track meet that was postponed last week (Thur Apr 18) has been rescheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, April 30.

We could sure use as much help from as many of you as can come. Middle School kids eat more than other people, plus this is co-ed and MS boys definitely eat more than HS girls! 

>>In other news; Shaw Screenprinting in Woodbine sent me an email today saying that they have a 3,000 piece order ahead of ours, so our shirts won't be ready until April 30. Hopefully they'll deliver them to the school that day, otherwise I'll pick them up the next day.

>>Remember that all your paperwork for tryouts is due May 3. Rena is planning on helping with tryout practices the 7th and 9th (can't believe how soon that is). Please try to make at least one of the two practices so you can refresh your skills & memory, as well as pass on your expertise to some of the rookie candidates. Tryouts themselves are Friday May 10. You'll all be busy attending graduations that weekend, we'll be busy with our daughter's confirmation- but I will do my best to announce next year's roster by at least Tuesday the 14th if not sooner.

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