Friday, February 25, 2011

The End.

  • Anyone interested in cheering at Boyer Valley next school year- PLEASE CLICK HERE and fill out the super quick survey! Thanks.
  • Meanwhile, yes you may wear your uniform on "Support your Cheer and Drill Squads" dress-up day during Gnimocemoh week next Tuesday- but please wash and return your uniforms and warm-ups ASAP after that.
  • Watch this blog for announcements about tryouts, track concessions, and summer clinics!

These two quiet, shy cheerleaders are the the most loyal and dedicated. For all they lack, I think they'll be assets if they both want to return for football season next year too.

Last night's game was fantastic. It was a real barn-burner. We dominated the first quarter and held on to a 10 point lead through most of the second. Our the stands were overflowing, even though the game as almost 2 hours away.

Our student section stood the entire game and were a dream of a crowd for our two meek cheerleaders- who did a fantastic job most of the time and didn't let it ruffle their feathers at all when students initiated cheers on their own because the girls weren't. I was proud of them and they had a lot of fun.

In the end, we lost 49-46. A storybook half court shot looked like it would make it in with only a second or two on the clock, but sometimes those miracles don't happen in real life the way they do in movies. Everyone was heartbroken. I was really rooting for a couple of our Senior guys who are great Art students. I knew that it had to be devastating for them.

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