Sunday, January 24, 2010

A VERY hectic week ahead

Cammey sent me a text and Tiffany asked here on facebook, so here's what you need to know-

You might've thought that we'd have a pile of make-up games, but this is the start of Western Valley Conference Tournaments. Girls this week and boys next week. Why our conference insists on having it's own tourneys when we'll still have District playoff tournaments at the end of the season, I have no idea, but they do.

Mon     1/25/2010     Charier Oak - Ute High School     B JV/Varsity     Dunlap     6:00 PM- (the girls have conference game in Manning this same night, Mr. Straight believes we should be at all home games) Sorry if you don't like it- but we will cheer at both the JV and Varsity games, so please be there b 5:30 or at least 5:45

Tue     1/26/2010     Western Valley Conference     G Varsity           6:00 PM @ Dunlap (home???- this is if I understood the posting correctly)

If I'm not mistaken, these next two are contingent on our winning- that means they may or may not have them, so please be ready:

Thu     1/28/2010     Western Valley Conference     G JV/Varsity           6:00 PM @ Westside (see me for bus time)

Fri 1/29 the JV/Var Boys have a game in Correctionville, BUT, since it's one gender only but it's NOT a home game- I am going to let you off the hook for it because if the girls win, this will be a monster week and the same will be true if the boys win in their tourneys next week. You deserve at least one day off.

Sat     1/30/2010     Western Valley Conference     G Varsity           6:00 PM

Mon     2/1/2010     Western Valley Conference     B JV/Varsity           6:00 PM and guess what? Boys will have Conference turneys Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, blah blah blah, assuming they win and keep laying.

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