Friday, November 20, 2009

2009-10 Tee Shirts

Middle School Cheer Shirt, pink on black

Basketball Cheer Shirt, pink on lime

Football Cheer Shirt, lime on pink

Tee shirts are $12

I've ordered them for people currently on cheer. Sorry, they haven't told me how soon they'll be done. Before Christmas is about all I can tell you. Please bring me your $12 as soon as you can. You won't receive a shirt until you've paid your $12.

Parents and friends are welcomed to support BV Cheer by ordering one too if they'd like them- just let me know the size and send your money and I'll add to the orders.

These are Coach Mallory originals, they're not from any catalog, Web site, designer or service- you're very own Coach put in the time, effort and graphic design skills. Therefore no one else anywhere on Earth will have shirts anything like these. Made just for you!

If we get hoodie sweatshirts, expect them to be $20. Football hoodies will be pink ink on a grey hoodie. Any ideas for Basketball's or MS colors for hoodies? Keep in mind I don't know what colors they'll be able to offer. Sure bet they'll have black, white, grey or purple though. Don't start bringing money for hoodies just yet- I haven't ordered any. Plenty of both Basketball and MS cheerleaders have also been asking about sweat pants too. I'll let you all know about sweats & hoodies when we get to it.

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