Friday, March 06, 2009

Track Concessions Sign ups

We need to have at least 5 workers for each meet. Please sign up outside the office or tell Coach Mallory or Coach Cogdill ASAP. Anyone not signed up by or before April 3 will be arbitrarily assigned by Mr. Mallory.

We MUST be there IMMEDIATELY after school because the meets start at  either 4 or 4:30

  • Thurs April 09 BV Girls Invitational
Sasha Meggers, Cammey Hast, NEED more  WORKERS

  • Thurs April 23 BV Junior High Invitational
Kristen Head, Megan Melby, Codi Block, Maddison McDonough, Natalie Lapke

  • Thurs April 30 Harrison County Junior High

  • Tues May 12 BV Bulldog Invitational
Kaitlyn Bonsall, Sasha Meggers, Cammey Hast, Makayla Carter

  • Thurs May 14 Junior High Conference Meet (starts at 2:30)
Kaitlyn Bonsall, Makayla Carter, NEED more WORKERS

It is mandatory that all  Drill Team members,  Cheerleaders, and Mascots help with track concessions. This is cheerleading's only fund raiser- so if you really want warm-ups or poms, you need to pitch in. Even if you only cheered for football but not basketball. I give 8th grade cheerleaders who're planning on coming out next year the option of volunteering, but it isn't mandatory for them. Anyone who fails to volunteer for at least one track meet by the end of February, will be arbitrarily assigned one. It is your responsibility to make sure  that your assigned day is covered. even if your parent serves for you or you get an NHS member in need of service hours to do so. Please make arrangements with your track coaches, your employers, your parents, boyfriends and friends to be at at least one of these meets.

Please forward this email to anyone on Drill whom you have an email address for but I don't. I'll post it on Facebook as soon as I have an opportunity.

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