Saturday, January 10, 2009

ArWeVa, 54-52 in overtime

waiting for Free Throws can get tense
Hilarious story; the announcers couldn't get the tape of the National Anthem to play, so we were all standing here like this for almost 10 minutes until finally the Girls' Basketball team took it upon themselves to just go ahead and sing it. Some of them must be in choir because they actually remembered all the words.
Coach took the hot glue gun to Cujo's face, so now he's good to go!
Hugs and screams as we finally won. Did we mention this game went into overtime? Sorry these pictures aren't exactly posted here in chronological order.
Desperately trying to choose a chant for time out.
I know Makayla is gonna KILL me for posting this one but it is SO priceless. She had the cheer, she really did, she just lost the rhythm temporarily and while it looks like she's crying in this photo, she's actually breaking up laughing. What a memory.
My ♥s, the Juniors who've been cheering since 7th grade, Kensie & Sasha. You know I ♥ you two, right?
Ladies and gentlemen, at long last, the 2009 Basketball squad, Kelsey, Makayla, introducing Cammey, can't forget Kaitlyn, and of course Juice and Squash.

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