Friday, November 14, 2008

2008-09 Basketball Season

Looks like we don't have enough candidates to hold a formal tryout this Tuesday.

Here are the candidates I'm pretty sure are coming out and those that aren't:

-Sounds like Christine' Harriott is looking for a second job :(
-Danielle Jepsen is choosing not to come out after all

+Sasha Meggers
+Kensie Jensen
+Chaise Fraizer
+Kaitlyn Bonsall (home games only because of job)
+Kelsey Muff

I'd still like to get Elsa Brown and/or Rachael Coenen, but haven't heard from either of them for a while.

That said, please plan on practicing Mon 11/17, Mon 11/24 and Tues 11/25, Mon 12/1, Tues 12/2, and Thur 12/4

I would like to plan on practicing every Monday and Thursday once the season gets started, but I understand that that may not always work, as usual we'll play it by ear and try to be flexible.

Here is the December schedule:

Dec. 5 Whiting G/B V Home 6:00pm
Dec. 9 Odebolt-Arthur G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 12 West Harrison G/B V Away 6:00pm
Dec. 13 AHST G/B V Home 6:15pm
Dec. 16 Woodbine G/B V Home 6:30pm
Dec. 19 Ar-We-Va G/B V Home 6:30pm

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