Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MS Cheer Practice

Senior Kassi teaches the eighth graders some chants.

I'm excited about the Middle School cheer squad this year. At first I was nervous, no one was coming out. Then, a bunch of 8th grade volleyball players came to me and wanted to learn cheerleading on Wednesdays and some Fridays when they don't have VB practice. Maybe I'm cynical enough to figure they just didn't want to go to study hall, but they've all taken to cheer like fish to water. Most Wednesdays Christine, a Junior helps me teach them, but today she met with a college rep (okay a Navy recruiter, but she wants to go to the Naval Academy). Anyway, with her gone, Kassi stepped in and they must've learned 6 or 8 chants and they look and sound better than any junior high squad I've seen in years!

I wish I had them 4 days a week and I wish that there weren't so few JrHi home football games, because these girls are gonna be every bit as good as any Jr Hi squad I used to have back at LALHS. No offense BV alum, but as good as some of you have been, you usually didn't get very good until you were in high school. I'll be blue if most of them play basketball next season and if none of them cheer next year, because they're a terrific bunch. No drama so far either. Can you believe that?

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