Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Learning from the opposition

I don't usually put pictures of other squads on this blog, and Manning wasn't necessarily the greatest thing I've ever seen (they're not awful either) but I did want to point out at least two things we can learn from them-

Here they're in a prep during a time out- no HUGE achievement, but notice what they're doing that we haven't managed yet. They're leading a chant while in the prep, not just doing a chant that leads up to one. Takes stamina, kudos to them.

Here they're doing the same slpits-mount that we were working on with Kristen. Notice, the side bases have her hands and arms, not her thighs. She does a great job of pointing her toes too. Kudos again. We'll get it too, we just have to practice.

Over all, good job Manning Red-Dogs-
♥ strong stunts, great pitch, very synchronized
♣ painfully slow tempos

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