Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parting is sweet sorrow.

I couldn't let the season end without telling you kids how great you were. You really made me proud. I know I whined alot in the beginning about not having a lot of people want to tryout last Spring for this Fall and about how Christine & Jessica couldn't cheer etc. etc. But I couldn't have been luckier to get the 4 we got. Seldom have I cared about 4 kids so much in 13 years of coaching. I'm only sorry if I failed to make you feel valued. It's a shame that football season is only 9 games long, because you really got awesome your last 3 games. Sure, I can wish your knees and backs would've let us stunt, but you got SO good at getting the crowd excited I could hardly believe it.

Rena- Your dedication, your work ethic and drive and your memorized catalog of chants are all incredible. And you're jumps aren't too shabby either. Your greatest strength, your leadership also happens to be your Achilles' Heel (you're such a perfectionist and it's so important to you to have a grip on things and have them the way they're supposed to be- that I think its hard for you to be flexible or not be in the driver's seat.) You've come so far and achieved so much since junior high, can you believe it? Maybe you'll come back next Fall- I know that cheer is in your system like a desease and how important it is to you- or maybe you'll grow out of it and move on to other things. Either way, hold on to the good memories and the important lessons that cheer has given you.

Sasha- Especially for someone who didn't want to come out at first, you have become one awesome cheerleader, girl. Louder, sharper, sure of yourself. I bet that if Rena had graduated already or hadn't come out this season, you would've stepped up to become a real leader. You're creative, you take initiative and you know how to get CRAZY girl! Don't become all of those negative cheerleading stereotypes, don't be snippy or gossipy or power-hungry or popular. Stay positive and upbeat, outgoing and funny and you will go far. If you tryout for basketball and don't make it, please don't let it be the end of the world or the end of your cheerleading career- tryout again next fall. You're too talented and have too much school spirit to turn negative. If you go out and DO make it, don't get a big head and don't get bossy or snotty. Keep working and getting even louder and sharper.

Kensie- WOW! What a difference from the ADHD poster child you were in junior high. I am SO proud of you when I see you teach those 7th graders. You're so funny, and smart and capable of having such a stage presence if you'd let it out, but you either get self-consious or shy or are too afraid of stepping on Rena or Sasha's toes or something because we don't necissarily see the spirit and energy we see at practice at games and we don't necissarily see the leadership and strength that we see when you help at junior high practices at games either. Don't "hide it under a bushell, let your light SHINE and you won't believe how far you'll go! I am SO sorry about your knee- your jumps had been great and you could've benn a terrific flier. You're so much sharper and more coordinated than in junior high. Anytime you're open to helping with Jr Hi, I'll have you- you do such a good job of encouraging them.

Megan- Don't ever fit anyone's stereotype, cheerleader, "Goth" or "Emo" or "Scream-o" or any stereotype. What a stupid mess with all that dumb Chad/Holi crap has been. Don't let Nate lead you on! Sure, I STILL wish you were louder, but I can't believe how far you've come since junior high either. I'm so proud of you. You're really getting good at drawing too! I frankly don't know what to say about you. I probably feel closest to you because you never stop e-mailing me all summer. I hope I've been able to be the ear you needed or to offer the advice you wanted when times have been bumpy. Keep positive (even when your little brother is a pain or when parents are hard to understand) and you will exceed your dreams. Same as I said to Sasha about trying out for basketball Cheer and/or mascot (especially if you have to compete with Brett)- if you make it, don't get complacent or stuck up, keep working at becoming better. If you DON'T make it, for God sake, don't let it be the end of the world, or of your cheerleading career and please don't hate me and hold it against me. Stay positive and (like I told Rena) take the good memories and the lessons that you got from cheer and make them a part of you.

Brett- I guess you'll keep me hanging for at least another week or two to see if this was your last season or if Basketball will be. It really is a shame either way, because you really were phenomenal this season. High energy, careful and patient with kids, creative and silly. College caliber stuff. But more than your performance as Cujo, I'll miss your sanity in the shotgun seat on van rides. It has been great to get to know you and a joy to have someone to talk about theology and complain about the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod with. Good luck in college and life and please don't be a stranger.

If they told me that we could only have 4 cheerleaders and one mascot for the next 4 years and you'd be it- I'd be happy to be stuck with you. Thank your parents for loaning you to me for a few months. I care about each one of you as if you were my godchildren or nieces and nephew. Thank you for a wonderfull season. I'm very proud of you and won't ever forget you.

Love and Prayers,
Coach Mallory

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