Friday, April 15, 2005

Morningside Mustang Cheer Clinic
Saturday July 23, 2005
8 AM- 4 PM

Meet us at school at 6:40 AM to travel together in a van, or meet us there.

$25, or $35 if you want a T-Shirt.

This is a great bargain- 2-3 day private camps can easily cost neat $150, and commuter camps are at least $250. You'll receive training and advice from college level cheerleaders in Chants, Cheers, Dance, and Stunting. Anywhere from 25-60 schools from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota attend.

This is important for having a strong foundation in the basics in order to be ready for football season. It's also powerful for building the squad into a team-unit. It's a great place to make memories. Best of all, it's fun.

This is manditory for Varsity, but strongly encouraged for Jr Hi too. Please let Coach Mallory know if you have a family scheduling conflict or difficulty with the expense. I'm letting you know now, in April so that you can do your best to schedule around it- especially work.

If we have more than 7, we'll need a second vehicle.

Please ASAP to Coach Mallory by or before May 13
(We must be registered before July to be able to get t-shirts)

Thank you,
Coach Mallory

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